Melting DOB


Edition Details

  • Edition size :
  • 300
  • Published On :
  • 01/27/2021
  • Artwork Dimensions :
  • 25.3 X 31.5 X 18.1 cm
  • Price On Release :


"Melting DOB" figure | HK$16,800 (US$2,167). Medium: Painted cast vinyl with metallic disk stand. Dimensions: 25.3 x 31.5 x 18.1 cm, including stand. Edition: 300. This year celebrates the 28th anniversary of the original Mr. DOB, Murakami's first signature character. "Melting DOB" elevates the fun factor with swirls of red and blue under white rings that spell the iconic character's name in a contorted fashion. On one side, carnivorous fangs and polychromatic eyes in haphazard states conjure a maniacal appearance. On the other, half-lidded eyes and a roguish grin reveal a prankish face. The dual-personality figure, in a limited edition of 300, was made in Japan by Kaikai Kiki Co. Ltd.