Lady With An Axolotl


Edition Details

  • Edition size :
  • Timed edition
  • Published On :
  • 11/17/2020
  • Artwork Dimensions :
  • 26 X 20 inches
  • Price On Release :
  • $ 500


Lady with an Axolotl is an homage to the painting Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci. The axolotl is a salamander native to Mexico with the incredible ability to regrow its limbs, spinal cord, tail, and even portions of its brain. Hence, this magical creature is a symbol of regeneration and renewal. As our holiday release, Lady with an Axolotl is meant to inaugurate a new era of healing. Her eyes, red with pain, peer into the past, while she lovingly cradles an axolotl that looks into the future. Image size: 22-1/2" tall × 16-7/8" wide. Paper size: 26" tall × 19-7/8" wide. Dimensional, high gloss, and holographic enhancements. Intricately detailed holographic and dimensional chop. Signed by James Jean and numbered.