A Wood Awakening (Black Walnut)


Edition Details

  • Edition size :
  • 0
  • Published On :
  • 03/31/2020
  • Artwork Dimensions :
  • 10 inches
  • Price On Release :
  • $ 1,200


Expertly carved black walnut turns the beloved A Wood Awakening into a sculptural piece of art. The second design in the premium "Woodworked" series, Woodworked A Wood Awakening features an artistic phallus and is polished smooth with finesse, bringing out the wood's natural colour and individual markings. This gorgeous centerpiece brings nature's beauty to the cheeky A Wood Awakening silhouette, adding a touch of playful chic to any space. Each piece will come with a COA that is signed and numbered. Material: Black Walnut. Dimensions: 10" wooden sculpture. Edition Size: Limited by the number sold during the 24 hours. Price: 1,200.00 USD.