The Harbormaster


Edition Details

  • Edition size :
  • 50
  • Published On :
  • 04/01/2014
  • Artwork Dimensions :
  • 20 X 16 inches
  • Price On Release :
  • $ 50


Aaron Glasson. The Harbormaster - Limited Edition Prints. Max Edition Size: 50. 16 x 20 Inches Archival Pigment Prints on 310gsm Fine Art Paper. $ 50.00. "The Harbor Master in the painting only appears for about five seconds, for no apparent reason, smoking a pipe carrying a cereal box and milk. It made me laugh and I think he is a pretty good representation of salty sea dog, and the humor of the film. Rather than the milk and cereal mine carries the dead shark, and Brody's house. (Spoiler alert! Brody is a main character that wants the shark dead, and ultimately kills Jaws.) If you look really close you can see the remains of an ancient shark buried under his house. This was reference to the fact that although we don't often acknowledge it, sharks have been on earth a lot longer than us, playing their critical part in the ecosystem. In the Harbor Master's forehead is the first scene of the film when Jaws gets his first victim. In the background is the final scene when the boat sinks. There are a lot of other things going on in between it could be fun to watch the film, then look at the painting." - Aaron Glasson.