False Prophet (Blue)


Edition Details

  • Edition size :
  • 25
  • Published On :
  • 12/02/2019
  • Artwork Dimensions :
  • 91 X 72 cm
  • Price On Release :
  • £ 690


Edition size: 25. Size: 91 cm x 72 cm. Type: Lithograph 2 colors printed with Marinoni lithographic press, hand cut. Paper: BFK Rives 270 g. Price: £690. "This lithograph on stone, what an incredible opportunity! I had a wild time with that. The image, I wanted to take the chance to bringing the capsule half head that becomes common in my work. First of all with the stone, I wanted to highlight the opportunities and qualities that working on stone offer, which is that sort of drying and texturized technique. I really wanted to jump in on mixing elements, that were the skull is. And then not really even knowing how it was going to turn out, I still wanted to try to see what would normally be a super precise graphic hat capsule head on the top on this skull. I didn't know how I was going to translate it in such an organic circus and process with the stone. I think it's just a beautiful marriage, seeing the final product I couldn't be more pleased. I did kind of keep the imagery a little simple on that note, but I really wanted to leave space for the natural aspect, the shape of the stone, to be sort of celebrated and shown off.".